Emetteur AM Solid State 1500 watts

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Product Description

Emetteur AM Solid State 1500 watts

AM Transmitter Solid State 1.500 watts
Compact Cabinet Stainless Steel.
100% Solid State MOSFET Tecnology
Modulation PDM
Modular Architecture
Power Modules connected PLUG-IN
3 Modules Power of 1,000 watts each one.
Protections of all its parts with fault signalling.
A lightning controller output tank, against lightning.
140% of Modulation Capacity in the positive peek.
High efficiency, typically 80% or better.
Excellent Modulation and Low Distortion features.
Power control in 3 levels from the front panel.
Voltage, Current and Power Measurement System , through Digital instruments.
Temperature compensated oscillator.
Automatic replenishment from the studios.
Local and Remote Operating System.
Forced air ventilation system
Single phase power supply 110/220 vac
Frequency Range any channel within the band of 530 Khz to 1700 Khz

Output Power 1,000 nominal watts.
Load Impedance 50 ohms unbalanced.
Frequency Response + / – 0.5 dB from 40 Hz to 10 kHz.
Harmonic Distortion less than 1.5% to 90% modulation, measured 40Hz to 10kHz.
Modulation Capability Better than 140% in the positive peak at 100% of the Nominal power.
Offset Carrier Amplitude Less than 1%.
Harmonics and Spurious Signals Radiation Better than 75 dB below the carrier level.
Residual Noise Better than 65 dB.
Frequency Stability + / – 5 Hz or better.
Audio Input Level + 10 dBm nominal for 100% modulation.
Supply Voltage 110 VAC / 220 VAC with taps of + / – 5% and 10% 1 phase.
Power Consumption Typical Efficiency of 80% to 100% of rated carrier’s nominal power.
Operating Conditions
Ambient temperature – 5 ° C and 40 ° C.
Relative Humidity between 0% and 90%.
Altitude between 0 and 3500meters. Asl.
Size and Weight ETS model – 1.5 Kw, 80 Kgr. High 60 cm, Fund 60 cm, width 54 cm

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