Console de mixage X-Mixer Arrakis

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Console de mixage X-Mixer Arrakis 14-14

14 Channels. Digital / Analog Console. Flexible & Powerful.

14 Channels – supports BOTH digital and analog sources.

Penny & Giles – top of the line Penny & Giles slide faders.

Easy Access – the clamshell design makes it easy to access for installation and maintenance.

Real VU Meters – stylish and easy to use VU meters for Program, Audition buses.

No More RF – has balanced inputs & outputs for use in high RF environments.

Built Tough – professional throughout, with multi-million operation LED lighted switches and

electronic audio switching. Built for ANY environment.

Socketed IC’s – most IC’s are socketed for ease of service.

2 Stereo & 1 Mono output buses. Program & Audition with mono output.

Active balanced – All outputs & inputs are active balanced.

Stereo or Mono – The console features 3 mixing buses, stereo cue, monitoring

for a control room and studio.

Phone line system. Connect your phone hybrid for a powerful phone system.

Phone Channel – powerful telephone interface for ‘on air’ talk shows and

‘off-line’ recording and communication.

Low Profile Design. Defining what attractive is.

Modern & Timeless – The ARC series has a modern low profile & sleek design that is timeless.

Hidden Wiring – hide your wiring with the through table design.

110 or 220VAC. Autosensing international power supply.

Autosensing – power supply autosenses between 110 & 220 VAC for domestic or international installations.


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Depth – 21.5 inches

Height – 7.5 inches

Width – 32.5 inches


BOX #1

Weight – 44 pounds

Depth – 43 inches

Height – 25 inches

Width – 12 inches

*These values may change at any time without notice


X-Mix 14 (14-14 or 14-22)

Power Supply (110V or 220V auto-sensing)

Cable Assembly, Molded, DB9MF, 10-ft, serial

Crimp Tool

NE5532N IC (qty 4)

Housing – 6 position – mini (qty 10)

Housing – 9 position – mini (qty 16) (qty 26 for 14-22 model)

Terminal – amp-mini, 26-18 AWG (qty 204) (qty 303 for 14-22 model)

Software setup disk

Operations Manual