Emetteur TV VHF 5W

Emetteur TV Bande VHF 5W –
Fréquence Réglable de 470 à 860 MHz –
Puissance de sortie 5W-Entrées Audio Vidéo –
Protections électroniques …

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Product Description

Emetteur TV VHF 5W

Emetteur de Télévision Bande VHF 5W, Norme PAL ,Fréquence réglable de 170 – 230 MHz, Puissance de sortie 5 W ,entrées Audio Vidéo, protections électroniques .

TV IF/CH Converter (RF out 5W Peak Sync.) with OL low Noise (programmable Channel).
AGC and ALC Control with Peak Detector
Display Multi-function on all DEVICE.
Switching Power Supply with PFC
Modular and compact construction with 19″RACK Cabinet
LOW POWER Consumption
Maintenance Free
Notch Band-Pass Cavity FILTER (optional)

Caractéristiques techniques : Emetteur TV VHF 5W

VIDEO input Impedance 75ohm -Input level 1Vpp adj. –
White/Sinc level 95% – Modulation limiter White clipper Sync pulse compression < 3% – S/N ratio > 55 dB – Connector BNC female
AUDIO input Impedance 600 Ohm-Input level 0 dBm +/- 6 dB-Type Balanced or unbalanced -Distorsion< 0.8% Bandwith 20–15000Hz-Frequency response 20Hz –16KHz – Connector XLR-CANNON
IF OUTPUT Impedance 50 Ohm – IF out CONNECTOR SMA female – IF level -10 dBm (Typical) – Spurious level -60dBVideo Carrier Freq. 38.9MHz PAL – 45.75MHz NTSC- Audio Carrier Freq. 33.4MHz PAL – 41.25MHz NTSC
IF input Level to DRIVER -30dBm / +3dBm – Connector SMA female
Frequency Band


Output RF Power

5W p.s. – Connector: N female

Gain (Converter)

26 dB

Spurious emissions

-60 dB


-60 dB

Amplification class



50 Ohm


20 dB (-3 dB start and full power automatic switching)


max temperature

Voltage Supply

100-260 Vac/50Hz

Power Consumption

60W (white video)

Cooling System

Forced air

Operating temperature

-30 to 40°C


H(5Units) CABINET RACK 19″ – depth:60cm


8 Kg

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