FM Isofrequence

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Product Description

FM Isofrequence

The FM isofrequency adapter allow to synchronize one or more FM repeaters operating over the same area and using the same frequency.


Power supply
100 – 240VAC 25VA

1 RU 19″ 44mm(H) x 483mm(W) x 150mm(D)

Operating temperature
0° – +50°C

Input impedance

Nominal input level
775mV RMS – 2.2 Vpp

Passthrough gain

1Hz – 75KHz

Bandwidth flatness
+/- 0.1dB

Adjustable delay
1390uS + 4995uS / – 1245uS

MPX phase control
+/- 180°

Reference frequency output
10MHz/2500Hz (internally selectable)

FM Isofrequence

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